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Netanyahu, up to his neck in settlements

Shaul Arieli argues that by strengthening the settlements, the Netanyahu government is contributing heavily on the failure of the peace process. He says that this government, like many others before, is making false promises to dismantle Israeli settlements in the West Bank if a peace deal is reached even thought they are fully aware that … Continue reading

Peace Without Partners

Ami Ayalon, Orni Petruschka and Gilead Sher have all come to believe that a peace agreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians cannot be achieved now. Citing a major lack of trust from both parties, making negotiations impossible, they argue that Israel needs a “radically new unilateral approach”. Saying it would help the peace process … Continue reading

Opinion: How to save the two-state solution

Observing the deadlock in negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians, and arguing that this deadlock may lead to a renewal of violence, Anders Persson asks the question: what can the European Union do to help bring about a resolution of the conflict? The author advises for the EU to: a robust process of delegitimization of the … Continue reading

Jews, Palestinians plant trees together in West Bank

On Wednesday, an initiative to promote coexistence in the West Bank, Palestinian residents and school children from the nearby settlement planted trees together. The event was held on the Jewish holiday of Tu B’Shvat, a nature-oriented holiday. The trees are aimed to block hazardous dust that was bothering both Palestinian and Jewish residents of the … Continue reading

Israeli ministers to debate tax cuts for settlement donors

A bill proposed by Ze’ev Elkin and Tzion Pinyan (Likud) will be debated on Sunday. The bill would allow people to receive a 35% tax dispensation on donations to NGO’s that encourage settlement activity. Elkin has said that he first wanted to make the bill more explicit by using the words ‘zionist settlement’, but that … Continue reading

Interview: Yoel Edelstein, Israeli Minister of Information

Yuli Yoel Edelstein, Israel’s minister of information, questions the accuracy of EU reports about Israeli actions in the West Bank and Gaza. EU Observer, European Union

UN Chief Ban Ki-Moon urges Israel settlement freeze

UN Chief Ban Ki-moon called on Israel to put a halt to its settlement activity as a ‘goodwill gesture’ to the Palestinian Authority. Ban is visiting Israel and the Palestinian Territories to meet with both sides and convince them to go on with the low-key talks they started last month. The UN considers all settlement … Continue reading

U.S. criticizes Israel plan to subsidize West Bank settlement construction

The United States have criticized the plan of Netanyahu’s government to subsidize construction in 557 rural settlements, of which 70 are deep inside the West Bank. State Department spokesman Mark toner calls the move “unconstructive and unhelpful”, adding that these kinds of actions can hamper the process of getting Israel and Palestine back to direct … Continue reading

PM Appoints Panel to Write Definitive Report on ‘Outpost’ Status

Hoping to stave off the potential falling of his government, Benyamin Netanyahu has formed a panel to establish a definitive standing on West Bank Outposts. With the planned March demolition of the Israeli settlement of Migron, the panel is intended to form a governmental policy on the issue which will satisfy nationalists in both the … Continue reading

Palestinian villagers start hunger strike to protest land confiscation

Palestinian villagers on Sunday said that they are planning to start a hunger strike. They want to protest against the confiscation of their lands by Israeli forces. According to Palestinian MP Mustafa Barghouti, 140 acres of land have been confiscated by Israeli forces and Palestinian villagers are regularly harassed by settlers from nearby settlements. Meanwhile, the UN … Continue reading

Interview: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

President Mahmoud Abbas says the response of Israel to the Palestinian proposal on borders and security is “worthless”. Abbas also says the purpose of his European tour is to look at different routes in case the current talks between negotiators fail. Abbas said “We want to live side-by-side with Israel, but we want to isolate Israeli … Continue reading

Likud activists: Boycott Netanyahu

In response to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s call on the residents of the illegal West Bank outpost Migron to accept a compromise offer by which permanent structures would be relocated to State-owned land, a campaign was launched by the Likud’s rightist camp calling on voters to boycott the party’s primaries. Members of the Likud National … Continue reading

Another day, another damning EU report on Israel

The European Union has renewed its accusation against Israel of trying to destroy the possibility of establishing a Palestinian state and of achieving peace through continued settlement building in East Jerusalem. A report by the EU mission to Ramallah in December 2011 said that “if current trends continue, the prospect of Jerusalem as the future capital … Continue reading

Britain condemns Israeli settlements as “deliberate vandalism”

As Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is on an official visit to the UK, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg made some of Britain’s strongest comments on the Middle-East conflict. “Once you place physical facts on the ground which make it impossible to deliver what everyone has for years agreed is the ultimate destination, then you do … Continue reading

IDF court gives Palestinian five life sentences for Itamar murders

An Israeli military court sentenced 19 years old Amjad Awad, one the murderers of the Fogel family, to five life sentences on Monday. The second perpetrator, his cousin Hakim Awad, had already received the same sentence in October. The judges contemplated the death penalty for Amjad, saying he “doesn’t have a fragment of regret in his heart.” In March 2011, … Continue reading

Netanyahu to unveil political plan in March?

Following a third meeting between Israeli and Palestinian envoys in Amman, both sides have agreed to meet again for a fourth time on January 25th, a day before the Quartet’s deadline. Before the last meeting, Israeli officials said they would try to arrange a meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President … Continue reading

Opinion: Where is the money?

Former journalist Yair Lapid, one of the most popular public figures in today’s Israel, explains his choice of entering politics and details his future platform. He summarized it by “where’s the money?”, referring to what he calls “extortionist groups” that “rob the middle-class of its money” and pointing a finger at the ultra-orthodox and settler … Continue reading

Abbas says Israel submitted no new proposals in exploratory talks with Palestinians

Following two meetings between Israeli and Palestinian officials after months with no direct negotiations, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said that Israel had made no new proposals over how formal peace talks could be resumed. Two more meetings are set. “Until now, there is nothing new in the dialogue that is going on in Amman,” Abbas … Continue reading

EU on verge of abandoning hope for a viable Palestinian state

An internal EU report seen by The Independent argues that Israel is making it nearly impossible to obtain peace with the Palestinians. The report says “the window for a two-state solution is rapidly closing with the continued expansion of Israeli settlements and access restrictions for Palestinians in Area C [which] compromises crucial natural resources and land … Continue reading

Israeli forces dismantle settler outpost in Hebron

The Israeli army demolished an illegal outpost, Mitzpe Avichai, outside Hebron on Wednesday. The IDF also issued a restraining order against the outposts leader, Yaron Kaleb, restricting him from entering the West Bank. This is the third demolishment of an illegal outpost in the West Bank this week. On Monday, the IDF dismantled Givat Gal Yoseph; a wave … Continue reading


Debate: Is there a rift between the Prime Minster and the security establishment, and how might it affect his chances of re-election?

Interview: Dr. Einat Wilf, Israeli MP, Chair of the ‘Independence’ faction

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