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Report: Saudi Arabia to recognize Syrian National Council

Saudi Arabia will recognize the Syrian National Council, according to Saud al-Faisal, the Saudi Foreign Minister. The Syrian National Council serves as the main opposition group, composed of exiles and based in Istanbul, Turkey. It is also in command of the Free Syrian Army, a group made of defected members of the Syrian military which has … Continue reading

Analysis: Will Saudi Arabia Send the Troops?

Following a Saudi pledge to increase oil production to supply states banning Iranian oil, tensions between the two countries have peeked. Iran repeatedly threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz, where 40% of the world oil transit, threats which “could be interpreted by Saudi Arabia as an act of war,” Ali Al-Tawati, a Saudi military affairs analyst said. … Continue reading

The badly kept secret of Israel’s trade throughout the Muslim world

A poorly kept secret has been quietly breaking legal and customary norms throughout the Middle East’s economy. Israeli products are everywhere, albeit disguised. In one instance, an Israeli business knowingly sold internet surveillance and monitoring equipment to Iran, which is prohibited under Israeli sanctions, and shipped their product to Denmark, where it underwent repackaging to hide its … Continue reading

Debate: Is the Middle East on the verge of cyber war?

Guests: Nikki Moore, a technology writer and expert on internet security; Dave Clemente, a researcher with the International Security Programme at Chatham House; and Abdullah Schleifer, a professor of journalism and senior fellow at the Center for Journalism at the American University in Cairo. Al Jazeera, Qatar

Israel hackers attack Arab stock markets

The official websites of Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi’s stock markets were victim of cyber attacks on Tuesday by alleged Israeli hackers. These attacks come as a direct retaliation for yesterday’s hacking of Israel’s stock exchange and national airline by alleged Saudi hackers. The ‘IDF-Team’, the name chosen by the Israeli hackers, said “if the lame attacks … Continue reading

Iran warns of consequences if Arabs back oil sanctions

Gulf Arab states will suffer the consequences if they increase their production of crude to replace Iranian oil facing international embargo. Over the past weeks, European Union and United States have both taken steps towards a ban on Iranian oil; China has also become closer to Saudi Arabia, yet another sign of growing Iranian isolation. … Continue reading

In cyber vengeance, Israeli hackers say they obtained Saudi credit card details

Following the exposure of thousands of Israeli credit card details by a hacker claiming to be from Saudi Arabia, Israeli hackers have claimed to be in possession of similar details on thousands Saudi citizens.  “A few Israeli hackers came together and decided on various responses for each cyber activity that would be carried out against Israel, … Continue reading

Cyberattack Exposes 20,000 Israeli Credit Card Numbers and Details About Users

The credit card details of more than 20,000 Israelis were exposed on the Internet in two waves this week by a hacker or team of hackers who said they were Saudis. New York Times, United States Click here for the full story

Interview: Turki Al-Faisal, former Director General of Saudi Arabia’s Intelligence Agency

With fears growing over Iran’s nuclear intentions, Turki Al-Faisal says that Saudi Arabia may need nuclear weapons to protect itself from Iranian and Israeli threats. France 24, France

Saudi Arabia to Join the Nuclear Arms Race?

Saudi Arabia is considering acquiring nuclear weapons, following in the footsteps of Israel and Iran, its former intelligence chief Prince Turki al-Faisal said. International Business Times, United States Click here for the full story

Saudi may join nuclear arms race: ex-spy chief

Saudi Arabia may consider acquiring nuclear weapons to match regional rivals Israel and Iran, its former intelligence chief Prince Turki al-Faisal said on Monday. “Our efforts and those of the world have failed to convince Israel to abandon its weapons of mass destruction, as well as Iran… therefore it is our duty towards our nation and … Continue reading

Analysis: “Cold War” with Iran heats up across Mideast

Speculation Israel might attack Iran’s nuclear program has been rife in the Israeli media and oil markets in recent weeks, with concerns that Tehran might retaliate with devastating attacks on Gulf oil shipments. But that debate, experts say, misses large parts of the bigger picture. An increasingly isolated Iran alarms not just Israel and the West … Continue reading

Saudi Kingdom denounces Israeli intransigence

Chief of General Intelligence Prince Muqrin on Sunday blasted Israeli leaders for their intransigence and criticized what he described as an isolationist policy. Arab News, Saudi Arabia Click here for the full story


Debate: Is there a rift between the Prime Minster and the security establishment, and how might it affect his chances of re-election?

Interview: Dr. Einat Wilf, Israeli MP, Chair of the ‘Independence’ faction

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