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What Israeli hasbara won’t hide

Doron Rosenblum argues that contrarily to Netanyahu’s views, Israel is not getting stronger but in fact weaker or as he puts it “more fragile”. Rosenblum says that Israel “appears enclosed in a bizarre egocentric bubble” and is suffering from “existential anxiety”, because it sees every move or political process to critic the government as a conspiracy against the … Continue reading

Israeli ministers to debate tax cuts for settlement donors

A bill proposed by Ze’ev Elkin and Tzion Pinyan (Likud) will be debated on Sunday. The bill would allow people to receive a 35% tax dispensation on donations to NGO’s that encourage settlement activity. Elkin has said that he first wanted to make the bill more explicit by using the words ‘zionist settlement’, but that … Continue reading

Israeli workers open general strike, disrupting airport and economy

Israel’s main labor union declared a strike on Wednesday that affected banks, hospitals, trains, the stock exchange and caused delays at Ben Gurion Airport. The strike was initiated because the union and the Israeli government could not reach an agreement over the conditions for workers employed through labor contractors. Head of the labor union Ofer Eini … Continue reading

UN Chief Ban Ki-Moon urges Israel settlement freeze

UN Chief Ban Ki-moon called on Israel to put a halt to its settlement activity as a ‘goodwill gesture’ to the Palestinian Authority. Ban is visiting Israel and the Palestinian Territories to meet with both sides and convince them to go on with the low-key talks they started last month. The UN considers all settlement … Continue reading

U.S. criticizes Israel plan to subsidize West Bank settlement construction

The United States have criticized the plan of Netanyahu’s government to subsidize construction in 557 rural settlements, of which 70 are deep inside the West Bank. State Department spokesman Mark toner calls the move “unconstructive and unhelpful”, adding that these kinds of actions can hamper the process of getting Israel and Palestine back to direct … Continue reading

Netanyahu big winner of Likud primaries

Netanyahu has received over 70% of the votes during the Likud party’s primaries on Tuesday, confirming his leadership over the party. “The real Likud won today. We proved that our strength lies in our unity. We will continue to show responsible leadership and take the lead in education, the economy, and security for the sake … Continue reading

Analysis: Election fever grips Israel as Netanyahu maneuver expected

Though Israel’s current ruling coalition is the most stable the country has had in decades, election fever has gripped the country as many believe Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may be preparing for early elections. Netanyahu’s Likud and the largest opposition party Kadima both announced they would be holding primaries in the coming weeks, while left-win g … Continue reading

Likud activists: Boycott Netanyahu

In response to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s call on the residents of the illegal West Bank outpost Migron to accept a compromise offer by which permanent structures would be relocated to State-owned land, a campaign was launched by the Likud’s rightist camp calling on voters to boycott the party’s primaries. Members of the Likud National … Continue reading

More Arab MKs met with Hamas official

Following the outrage by many Israeli lawmakers at MK Hanin Zoabi’s meeting with a Hamas official, it appears that MKs Masud Ganaim and Ibrahim Sarsur, who belong to the party United Arab List-Ta’al, had met Hamas official Aziz Dwaik after he was released from an Israeli prison in 2009 to offer their support. While Likud MK and chairman … Continue reading

Opinion: I miss Ariel Sharon

Tzipi Livni, chairwoman of the Kadima party and leader of the opposition, writes about former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who suffered a stroke on January 2006 and has been in a coma ever since. She says she, and all Israelis, are longing for a real leader to make the critical decisions Israel needs, someone … Continue reading

Members of Knesset, after report of one MK meeting with Hamas: ‘she should be tried for treason’

Many Israeli politicians reacted with anger to the report that MK Hanin Zoabi, from the party Balad, had met with senior Hamas members in December, including Parliament President Aziz Dwaik and former minister for women affairs Mariam Saleh. A statement by the National Union party read  “Zoabi and Tibi both prove that they do not belong in the … Continue reading

Livni sets Kadima primaries for March

Tzipi Livni, chairwoman of the Kadima faction, has set the primaries of her party for March 27. “This primary will not only decide who will head Kadima but whether the Netanyahu government can be overthrown,” the former Foreign Minister said. “We cannot allow this government to stay in power. Only Kadima under my authority can defeat … Continue reading

Israel’s Lieberman looking to avoid fraud charges

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman’ lawyers will attempt on Tuesday to prevent the indictement of the ultra-nationalist leader by Israel’s attorney general. Lieberman, who is accused of fraud, breach of trust, money laundering and witness tampering, denies any wrongdoing. If indicted, Prime Minister Netanyahu will likely dismiss him, therefore triggering early elections. Reuters, United States Click … Continue reading

Opinion: Where is the money?

Former journalist Yair Lapid, one of the most popular public figures in today’s Israel, explains his choice of entering politics and details his future platform. He summarized it by “where’s the money?”, referring to what he calls “extortionist groups” that “rob the middle-class of its money” and pointing a finger at the ultra-orthodox and settler … Continue reading

Popular Israeli anchorman Yair Lapid quits TV job for political run

Yair Lapid, one of Israel’s most popular journalist, has announced he would start his own political faction, which may well have major repercussions on Israel’s political system. A poll found that if elections were held today, a party under his leadership would win 15 seats of the Israeli parliament (which counts 120 seats). Washington Post, … Continue reading

Israeli PM postpones cabinet discussion of NGO bill

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu decided Wednesday not to hold a discussion and vote on a bill to restrict foreign funding of NGOs at Sunday’s cabinet meeting as had originally been scheduled. Israeli media quoted sources in the Prime Minister’s Office as saying the decision was made after Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein said Tuesday that the proposed legislation … Continue reading

Analysis: Israel’s chilling relations with the US

The Israeli government has come under criticism from both the Obama administration and American Jewish communities over the past week –the latter focused on a bizarre advertisement campaign aimed at the US dispora. The current Israeli government’s insensitivity toward American Jews has gotten their attention, but whether forthcoming Knesset bills that are an affront to democratic … Continue reading

Opinion: Human rights in Israel are in jeopardy

Israel ratified the declaration and its Hebrew version appears on the Knesset’s home page on the Internet. However it is hard to say the Knesset members are bound to it or to its spirit and principles, most of which are reflected in the founding document of the State of Israel – the Declaration of Independence. … Continue reading

Opinion: Israelis have to face the truth

Turkey and Israel should have seen the “big picture” and acted accordingly, instead of watching their ties plummet at a time of turmoil in the Middle East. But both sides have turned the Mavi Marmara incident into a matter of national honor and will not budge from entrenched positions. Looking at the “big picture,” though, developments … Continue reading

Netanyahu moves up Likud primaries to late January

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has decided to move up the Likud primaries to January 31. In recent days the Prime Minister conducted a series of consultations with advisers, and informed cabinet ministers that he intends to move up the party’s primaries. Haaretz, Israel Click here for the full story


Debate: Is there a rift between the Prime Minster and the security establishment, and how might it affect his chances of re-election?

Interview: Dr. Einat Wilf, Israeli MP, Chair of the ‘Independence’ faction

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