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Analysis: Meshal loses control of Hamas military wing as authority moves to Gaza leadership

Though he is expected to keep his position following an internal Hamas vote in the next few weeks, Khaled Mashaal, leader in exile of the Islamist movement, has lost his control over both the budget and the military wing which are now controlled by the Gaza-based leadership. This reflects a larger shift of authority within … Continue reading

In Gaza, Hamas rule has not turned out as many expected

The article analyses the current situation in Gaza, after more than 5 years of Hamas administration. Palestinians who are interviewed say that, when they elected Hamas 5 years ago, they expected more of the party. They are disappointed that the economic situation only seem to have gotten worse, and that Hamas officials mainly work for their own … Continue reading

Analysis: Arab revolts fail to stir divided Palestinians

While the rest of the region is subject to intense movements of protest, Noah Browning attempts to explain why such massive demonstrations did not take place in the Palestinian territories. According to the author, it is the division of the Palestinian leadership, the lack of support for movements of protests against Israel by this very … Continue reading

PCHR Weekly Report: 11 civilians wounded, 25 abducted by Israeli troops this week

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights released their weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories on Friday, stating that 11 Palestinians were wounded by Israeli forces this week, including 4 children. The article describes in detail which casualties have taken place in the Gaza strip, the West Bank and which … Continue reading

Report: Palestinian killed, three injured in IAF strike on Gaza sites

One Palestinian man died and three others were injured after strikes of the Israeli Air Force on the north of Gaza. The strikes aimed at tunnels and a weapon depot, and were a reaction to a short-ranged rocket launch from Gaza on Saturday, that wounded an Israeli woman. Haaretz, Israel. Click here for the full story 

Palestinian economy could be ‘double’ without Israeli occupation

Jad Isaac, director of the Applied Research Institute in Jerusalem, said on a UN meeting in Cairo that Israel’s occupation of Palestine is the main impediment to any prospects for a sustainable Palestinian economy. The total measured cost of the Israeli occupation is estimated to be at 84 percent of Palestinian GDP. The majority of financial … Continue reading

Palestinian ‘freedom committee’ downs tools in protest

On Wednesday the Committee on Civil Liberties, a Palestinian committee on freedom of movement and expression decided to suspend its work in Gaza. The committee is hereby protesting the fact that Fatah and Hamas have so far not been able to implement the committees’ recommendations. One of those was a prisoner swap between the two … Continue reading

Focus: Arab doctors historic meeting held in Gaza

Dozens of doctors from all over the Arab world arrived in Gaza for the first ever meeting of the union’s general secretariat in the Palestinian territory. Press TV, Iran

Human Rights Watch urges Israel to grant Palestinian residency rights

The New York-based group Human Rights Watch has released a 90-page report on Sunday, discussing the current situation regarding Human rights in Israel and the Palestinian territories. The group criticizes Israel for the restrictions they place on obtaining Palestinian residency. According to the group, in this way Israel has denied thousands of Palestinians that live … Continue reading

Rocket salvo hits Negev, breaking relative calm

On Wednesday, eight rockets have been fired into Southern Israel by Palestinian militants. There were no injuries or damages reported. After the attack, local officials said that an area between 4.5 and 7 km from the Gaza border is not protected by the Iron Dome Rocket System because it’s out of its range. They called … Continue reading

2 hurt in Israeli attack on north Gaza

A young man and a child were injured as Israeli warplanes struck the Gaza Strip early Friday. In Southern Gaza, Israeli forces also fired on a tunnel and weapon storing facilities. A statement from the Israeli army said  that the strike was a response to rocket fire from Gaza on Wednesday. Ma’an News Agency, Palestine … Continue reading

Shoes thrown at UN chief’s convoy in Gaza

In a visit that aimed at restarting long-stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s was received with shoes and stones when he entered the Gaza Strip on Thursday. Protesters who attacked the convoy, held up signs reading “Gaza is living in darkness,” and “Save the children of Gaza.” At the news conference, Ban Ki-moon … Continue reading

Palestinians take step towards elections, unity

Though many are skeptical as to whether presidential and parliamentarian elections will be held in the Palestinian territories in the near future, as the Hamas-Fatah reconciliation agreement stipulates, a first practical step towards the elections was taken with the opening of a voter registration office in the Gaza Strip. Meanwhile, Hamas claims that Israel is trying … Continue reading

Hamas chief won’t visit Gaza soon: official

Despite recent reports, a Hamas official said on Tuesday that the leader of the Islamist mouvement, Khaled Mashal, will not visit the Gaza Strip in the near future. “I do not think the visit will be soon,” Khalil Al-Hayya said. “Mashaal intends to visit Gaza, but the visit is subjected to necessary security and political arrangements.” … Continue reading

Israel carries out four air strikes on Gaza targets

An Israeli spokesman said on Tuesday Israel had struck four targets in Gaza as a response to six rockets and mortars being launched into Israel by Palestinian militants over the past week. These targets were a weapon factory and three tunnels dug under the Egyptian border with Gaza. No casualties were reported. Haaretz, Israel Click … Continue reading

Analysis: Can Palestinian Fatah win the election in May without Pres. Abbas at the helm?

Though they are likely to be postponed as a result of the slow implementation of the reconciliation agreement between Fatah and Hamas, the date for Palestinian elections has been set for May 4, 2012. But as President Mahmoud Abbas told the Fatah Central Committee he is ready to retire, the party is in an urgent … Continue reading

Haniyeh: 80 Fatah members can return to Gaza

80 members of Fatah who fled Gaza following Hamas’ takeover in 2007 will be allowed to return to the coastal strip, Ismail Haniyeh said Saturday. The Hamas Prime Minister also called for the full implementation of the reconciliation agreement between Palestinian factions, after meeting with the committee in charge of the implementation of the end … Continue reading

Analysis: Muslim Brotherhood mixes pragmatism, ideology on Israel

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is on a slippery slope as they will try to maneuver between the anti-Israel foundation of the organization and the political realities of gouverning modern day Egypt. “The Brotherhood is in a real challenge and real crisis. For the first time, they are in power, which forces them to be rational when it … Continue reading

Dozens of freed Hamas prisoners wed in mass ceremony in Gaza

Wa’ed, the Hamas led Association for Prisoners Affairs in Gaza City has organized a mass wedding ceremony for 56 prisoners freed in October 2011 as part of the Shalit swap deal with Israel. Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh who was present during the ceremony said “I came here to congratulate the freed heroes and share with … Continue reading

Israeli strike kills 2, wounds 2 in northern Gaza Strip

Israeli aircraft and tanks struck a group of Palestinians suspected to be planting a bomb along the Israel-Gaza border. Two were reported killed and two injured. Hamas said all victims were civilians and Israel will be held responsible, raising the prospect of cross border escalation.  Ihab Ghussein, spokesman for the Interior Ministry said his ministry “and all its … Continue reading


Debate: Is there a rift between the Prime Minster and the security establishment, and how might it affect his chances of re-election?

Interview: Dr. Einat Wilf, Israeli MP, Chair of the ‘Independence’ faction

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