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Palestinian ‘freedom committee’ downs tools in protest

On Wednesday the Committee on Civil Liberties, a Palestinian committee on freedom of movement and expression decided to suspend its work in Gaza. The committee is hereby protesting the fact that Fatah and Hamas have so far not been able to implement the committees’ recommendations. One of those was a prisoner swap between the two … Continue reading

Hamas Split Threatens Unity Deal

The committee on “Change and Reform” in Hamas’s parliament is questioning the legality of the Doha Agreement, which would make Abbas both Prime Minister and President of a future Palestinian Government. Fatah officials say the move is within the parameters of Palestinian law, claiming that many in Hamas resent the rise of Abbas and its … Continue reading

Analysis: Hamas juggles political need with founding principles

Hamas has recently changed its ideological and political views. Founded with strong religious ideological roots, it has recently been obliged to filter its attitudes to match political changes. Naji Shurrab, a professor at Al-Azhar University in Gaza says “Hamas is looking for international and regional legitimacy. It knows that the gate to this legitimacy is its political attitudes and so … Continue reading

Analysis: After Doha deal, challenges remain to Hamas- Fatah unity

Though the Doha declaration is an important step in the process of national reconciliation within Palestinian society, much remains to be achieved and many challenges are still ahead. “What happened in Doha is an expression of good intentions and is a good step, but the reconciliation file is thick and will not be resolved quickly,” an analyst … Continue reading

Abbas officially named to head interim Palestinian govt

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal signed the “Doha Declaration” on Monday, which stipulates that Abbas will lead a unity government to oversee the upcoming Palestinian elections. His “national consensus government will be made up of independents and technocrats and they will be responsible for overseeing the elections.” Both parliamentary and presidential elections are … Continue reading

Netanyahu to Abbas: ‘You Can’t Have it Both Ways’

Benjamin Netanyahu has warned Palestinian Authority’s leader Mahmoud Abbas that reconciliation with Hamas will take Israel away from its willingness to talk for peace. Netanyahu said “the Palestinian Authority must choose between an alliance with Hamas and peace with Israel.” However, Netanyahu’s resistance to the formation of a Fatah-Hamas unity cabinet is based on Hamas’s … Continue reading

Analysis: Hamas on the move, seeks Palestinian ascendancy

While the Arab spring has been shaking up countries in the region, Meshaal seems to be looking for new allies to bring Hamas to the forefront of the Palestinian national movement again. The Islamist movements’ ties to Syria and Iran seem to be loosened, as it has pursued the reconciliation with pro-peace Fatah movement of … Continue reading

Opinion: “The People Are Suffocating”: West Bank Economy Struggles Under Pressure From U.S. Congress

A report from the streets of Ramallah by Karl Vick. Palestinians say they are suffering from a loss in income, mainly caused by the still delayed $147 million on promised aid from the US. Some Republican members in the House of Representatives seem to punish the moderate Palestinian Authority for their application for membership of … Continue reading

Palestinian politicians doubt elections will take place

Holding elections within a year was one of the main issues that Fatah and Hamas agreed on, in their reconciliation agreement that was signed in Cairo in May 2011. But there is much doubt among Palestinian officials about whether they will take place as planned in May 2012. “Elections can not be held under two … Continue reading

Barghouti sent to isolation after Israel comments

Marwan Barghouti, the jailed Palestinian leader, was sent to solitary confinement as a result of the remarks he recently made, according to the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society. The former secretary-general of Fatah in the West Bank is widely considered as a potential successor to Mahmoud Abbas as President of the Palestinian Authority, but is serving five life sentences … Continue reading

Barghouti: ‘Withdrawal to ’67 lines would signal conflict’s end’

Marwan Barghouti, one of the most popular Palestinian public figure, said from Israeli jail that when Israel withdraws to pre-1967 borders, the conflict will end. “What’s more important today is to form a national unity government and pursue peaceful resistance, including negotiations,” he added. Barghouti was sentenced to five consecutive life terms in 2004 for his involvement … Continue reading

Analysis: Can Palestinian Fatah win the election in May without Pres. Abbas at the helm?

Though they are likely to be postponed as a result of the slow implementation of the reconciliation agreement between Fatah and Hamas, the date for Palestinian elections has been set for May 4, 2012. But as President Mahmoud Abbas told the Fatah Central Committee he is ready to retire, the party is in an urgent … Continue reading

More Arab MKs met with Hamas official

Following the outrage by many Israeli lawmakers at MK Hanin Zoabi’s meeting with a Hamas official, it appears that MKs Masud Ganaim and Ibrahim Sarsur, who belong to the party United Arab List-Ta’al, had met Hamas official Aziz Dwaik after he was released from an Israeli prison in 2009 to offer their support. While Likud MK and chairman … Continue reading

Palestinian Authority security services denied collaboration with Israel to undermine Hamas

An argument on the collaboration between Palestinian Authority security services and Israel started last Friday after pan-Arab daily Al-Hayat reported that undercover officers were recruited within the Palestinian Authority by Israel intelligence services to act against Hamas. The Palestinian Authority dismissed the report and denied that its officers had collaborated with Israel to undermine Hamas. … Continue reading

Haniyeh: 80 Fatah members can return to Gaza

80 members of Fatah who fled Gaza following Hamas’ takeover in 2007 will be allowed to return to the coastal strip, Ismail Haniyeh said Saturday. The Hamas Prime Minister also called for the full implementation of the reconciliation agreement between Palestinian factions, after meeting with the committee in charge of the implementation of the end … Continue reading

Fatah member: ‘Hamas will defeat Fatah in May elections’

Nabil Amr, a senior Fatah member and former Palestinian Authority minister, said on Thursday would be defeated again by Hamas if and when new elections will be organized. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said the elections will take place on May 4th, but many observers are skeptical given the difficulties to implement the reconciliation agreement … Continue reading

Hamas official: Reconciliation talks beset by mistrust

With Fatah and Hamas trying to move forward on the unity agreement signed in Cairo last year, a Hamas official has said that the reconciliation talks are being undermined by massive distrust and lack of confidence in the negotiations. The inability of the two parties to form a unity government has made implementing many parts … Continue reading

Haniyeh: Gaza security forces will remain

Gaza’s Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyeh, said on Monday that the security forces that were formed since the 2007 split with the West Bank will not be dismantled. A key point of the Palestinian reconciliation agreement is the merger of the security forces of rival groups Fatah and Hamas. But the implementation of this aspect is … Continue reading

Hamas: PA arrested over 800 members in 2011

Hamas: PA arrested over 800 members in 2011

Hamas, Fatah report progress as leaders spar

Following a meeting between Fatah and Hamas officials on Saturday in Gaza City, both sides said there was progress in the implementation of the reconciliation agreement. The presidential compound in Gaza will be return to Fatah and the dispute concerning the alleged refusal by Hamas to allow entry of Fatah officials into Gaza was overcome. However, Hamas … Continue reading


Debate: Is there a rift between the Prime Minster and the security establishment, and how might it affect his chances of re-election?

Interview: Dr. Einat Wilf, Israeli MP, Chair of the ‘Independence’ faction

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