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Understanding Iran’s diplomatic strategy

In this article, Gareth Porter analyses Iran’s strategy for negotiations with the United States, for the past ten years. He explains how uranium enrichment and the subsequent development of nuclear capabilities act as the main bargaining chip in Iran’s negotiation strategy with the United States. He also gives us the aims of the Iranian strategy and what  their demands to … Continue reading

Opinion: How to save the two-state solution

Observing the deadlock in negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians, and arguing that this deadlock may lead to a renewal of violence, Anders Persson asks the question: what can the European Union do to help bring about a resolution of the conflict? The author advises for the EU to: a robust process of delegitimization of the … Continue reading

Interview: Ilan Baruch, former Israeli ambassador

Ilan Baruch, former Israeli ambassador, resigned a year ago, saying he could no longer defend his government’s policies Russia Today, Russia  

Italy, France recall Syrian ambassadors for consultations

Italy and France have recalled their ambassadors to Syria as the Assad regime’s crackdown on protesters, and the shelling of the city of Homs, continues. The move follows Britain’s recalling of its ambassador for consultations and the American closure of its embassy in Damascus. The increased pressure comes as efforts to condemn the Syrian regime … Continue reading

Opinion: Israel’s Love-Hate Relationship with the United Nations

Last week, Israelis rejoiced as their nation secured a seat on the executive board of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), hailing it as a recognition of the state’s feat of becoming a “Developed” nation and more profoundly, allowing Israel to attain a greater level of participation in the international community. However, in light of … Continue reading

UN Chief Ban Ki-Moon urges Israel settlement freeze

UN Chief Ban Ki-moon called on Israel to put a halt to its settlement activity as a ‘goodwill gesture’ to the Palestinian Authority. Ban is visiting Israel and the Palestinian Territories to meet with both sides and convince them to go on with the low-key talks they started last month. The UN considers all settlement … Continue reading

U.S. criticizes Israel plan to subsidize West Bank settlement construction

The United States have criticized the plan of Netanyahu’s government to subsidize construction in 557 rural settlements, of which 70 are deep inside the West Bank. State Department spokesman Mark toner calls the move “unconstructive and unhelpful”, adding that these kinds of actions can hamper the process of getting Israel and Palestine back to direct … Continue reading

Analysis: Media frenzy on Iran contradicts reality

Yaakov Katz, author of this article, discusses the role western and Israeli media play in the confrontation between Israel, the West and Iran. Using for example comments by US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta that were aired weeks ago, US media are printing reports and articles on Iran at a fast pace, though the situation … Continue reading

Turkey denies aid to Hamas, leaves door open to its office in Turkey

As Hamas moved its headquarters out of Syria last Friday, speculations have started on which country will host the Palestinian organisation. Turkey, “one of the strongest advocates of the Palestinian case”, according to its president Abdullah Gul, is a potential candidate. International media reported that Turkey offered $300 million to Gazan Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh in early … Continue reading

Report: Saudi Arabia to recognize Syrian National Council

Saudi Arabia will recognize the Syrian National Council, according to Saud al-Faisal, the Saudi Foreign Minister. The Syrian National Council serves as the main opposition group, composed of exiles and based in Istanbul, Turkey. It is also in command of the Free Syrian Army, a group made of defected members of the Syrian military which has … Continue reading

Analysis: Muslim Brotherhood mixes pragmatism, ideology on Israel

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is on a slippery slope as they will try to maneuver between the anti-Israel foundation of the organization and the political realities of gouverning modern day Egypt. “The Brotherhood is in a real challenge and real crisis. For the first time, they are in power, which forces them to be rational when it … Continue reading

French parliament report accuses Israel of water ‘apartheid’ in West Bank

In an unprecedented report, France’s parliamentarian committee for Foreign Affairs accused Israel of apartheid in its management of water resources in the West Bank. As the Israeli Embassy in Paris had no knowledge of the report and could therefore not work to moderate it, Israeli officials called the move “a serious diplomatic mishap.” According to … Continue reading

Israel, PLO to meet Saturday

Representative from the PLO and Israel will meet for the third time in Amman this saturday as exploratory discussions continue. The Quartet, which brought the two sides to Amman, is hoping these discussions will lead to a new round of peace negotiations. Palestinian Authority President Abbas has downplayed the outcome of these talks and has … Continue reading

Turkey dropping Marmara lawsuits

According to sources in the US Department of State, Turkey will suspend all legal proceedings against the Israelis who were involved in the 2010 raid of the Gaza Flotilla’s Mavi Marmara – both those who actively raided the ship and those ordered the raid. The event led to the death of nine Turkish citizens and … Continue reading

Ahmadinejad: Everyone knows Iran isn’t developing bomb

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Currently on a tour of Latin-American countries, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that “”everyone knows that Iran isn’t trying to develop a bomb” and that Iran will resist Western pressure. “The nuclear question is a political excuse. They all know full well Iran isn’t interested in producing nuclear bombs. We don’t … Continue reading

Overtures to Egypt’s Islamists Reverse Longtime U.S. Policy

The Obama administration has embarked on a full-scale effort to “engage” with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. New York Times, United States Click here for the full story

Opinion: Bibi and Barack

Barack Obama has an Israel problem. Almost three years in, the president still can’t decide whether he wants to pander to the Israeli prime minister or pressure him. The approach of the 2012 elections makes the former almost mandatory; the president’s reelection may make the latter possible. Los Angeles Times, United States Click here for the full story

Analysis: Credibility test for Arab League in Syria mission

The observer mission in Syria has to take action to maintain the Arab League’s credibility on the issue. The National, United Arab Emirates Click here for the full story

Israeli MKs to discuss recognizing Turkey’s Armenian genocide

A Knesset committee Monday will consider setting a memorial day for the Armenian genocide, marking a first in Israeli history and stoking criticism that Israel is trying to incite Turkey. Haaretz, Israel Click here for the full story

Debate: South Sudan and Israel – unlikely friends?

Israel was one of the first countries in the world to recognise South Sudan’s independence earlier this year. In September, Salva Kiir, the president of South Sudan, and Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, met at the sideline of the United Nations general assembly. This week, Kiir has made an official visit to Israel. What explains this close yet … Continue reading


Debate: Is there a rift between the Prime Minster and the security establishment, and how might it affect his chances of re-election?

Interview: Dr. Einat Wilf, Israeli MP, Chair of the ‘Independence’ faction

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