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Opinion: Assad takes a page out of Russia’s book in his war against rebels

The drastic and recent change in the brutality of the siege of Homs, the center of the Syrian uprising, suggests that the arrival of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavarov is encouraging Assad to follow a similar strategy to that used by Russia in Chechnya. The electricity and phone lines have been cut and food is … Continue reading

Opinion: How to get Russia on board in Syria? Hint: Think of the sea

Russia is a major obstacle between the Syrian demonstrators and their liberation from the Assad regime. Russia has been the main opponent of UN Security Council resolutions against the regime while even the “timid” Arab League wants Assad to go. The reason for Russia’s opposition is quite simple: it fears that if the Assad regime … Continue reading

Syria denounces Arab League for telling Assad to quit

Syria on Monday rebuffed an Arab League call for President Bashar al-Assad to step down in favor of a unity government. Assad qualified the move as interference in Syria’s internal affairs, underlining his determination to defeat a 10-month-old uprising seeking his overthrow. It was not immediately clear whether Syria would accept the League’s decision to … Continue reading

Opinion: Most Syrians back President Assad, but you’d never know from western media

A recent poll by The Doha Debates, is a good indicator of two things: 55% of Syrians do not want Bashar Al-Assad to resign and western medias do not believe this information to be important enough to be published or even discussed. The Doha Debates is funded by the Qatar Foundation which in turn is … Continue reading

Analysis: Possible way out for Syrian regime

In the face of massive unrest at home, international condemnation for its handling of the unrest, and rumors of foreign intervention, the Assad regime may have a way out, says Osama Al Sharif. The Arab League’s weak monitoring mission, the United States’ distractions in an election year, Europe’s dealing with a fiscal crisis, and Russia … Continue reading

‘I was threatened with death for doing my job’, says Arab League observer to Syria

An Algerian delegate who resigned from the Arab League’s observer mission in Syria details the Assad regime’s methods of intimidation and provocation in its attempt to keep the observers quiet. Assad’s tactics included death threats, public humiliation and sexual seduction, according to the delegate. He went on to say that Homs should be declared a … Continue reading

Arab League will consider sending troops to Syria: Moussa

“The Arab League council will meet very soon to study the issue of replacing the monitoring mission with an Arab military force to separate between the army and civilians,” Moussa said. “We should not rule out any proposal from the head of an Arab state. Let the Arab League study the initiative quickly because the situation … Continue reading

Opinion: Observing the Observers

With more than 5,000 dead following the Syrian uprising, there was great hope within the Syrian opposition that the Arab League’s Observers would bring protection and security. Now, that optimism has given way to anger, questions over the Observers’ legitimacy and failed efforts have boiled to the surface. Foreign Policy, United States Click here for … Continue reading

Arab League chief says Assad’s regime pulled out tanks from cities, freed 3,500 prisoners

Syria’s government has withdrawn heavy weapons from inside cities and freed about 3,500 prisoners but security forces continue to kill protesters even with foreign monitors in the country, the Arab League chief said Monday. Associated Press, United States Click here for the full story

Clashes in Syria as Arab monitors embolden protesters

Syrian security forces have reportedly opened fire to stop tens of thousands of protesters holding rallies in front of visiting Arab League observers, with at least 35 people killed. BBC, United Kingdom Click here for the full story

Analysis: Credibility test for Arab League in Syria mission

The observer mission in Syria has to take action to maintain the Arab League’s credibility on the issue. The National, United Arab Emirates Click here for the full story

Syria: 13 killed in Homs as Arab League observers arrive in country

At least 13 people have been killed in the Syrian flashpoint city of Homs, according to a rights group, a day before the Arab League’s monitoring team begins its mission. The Telegraph, United Kingdom Click here for the full story

Syrian Split: Rebels want foreign boots on ground, observers out

Some groups in Syria’s opposition say they want an Arab military intervention to, quote, ‘protect civilians from government security forces’. Russia Today, Russia

Syria opposition wants Arabs to intervene militarily

Syria’s opposition accused President Bashar al-Assad of trickery in agreeing on Monday to let in Arab League monitors, saying he had no intention of honoring the deal and calling for military intervention to protect civilians from his security forces. Reuters, United States Click here for the full story

Syria signs Arab League plan, observers to travel within 72 hours says League chief

Syria signed an Arab League protocol that would allow monitors into its territory, the country’s foreign minister said. Under the terms of the deal that the observers are intended to oversee, Syrian security forces are required to pull back from the towns and villages that have been at the centre of nine straight months of protests … Continue reading

Arab League may seek U.N. backing for Syria plan

The Arab League is considering seeking U.N. Security Council backing for a a long-stalled regional initiative aimed at ending Syria’s bloody crackdown on dissent, Qatar’s foreign minister said Saturday. Los Angeles Times, United States Click here for the full story

Opinion: No guts, no glory

As the situation in Syria intensifies, the Arab League is once again playing into its reputation as a toothless organization whose sole purpose is the publishing of statements, decisions and recommendations. The Daily Star, Lebanon Click here for the full story

Russia is behind Syria’s conditional approval of an observers’ committee

Russia was the main reason behind Syria’s conditional approval of the Arab League’s initiative and its willingness to allow a committee of observers to monitor the situation in the country, diplomatic sources said. Al Arabiya, Saudi Arabia Click here for the full story

Syria ‘accepts’ observers as 34 bodies dumped

Syria said it conditionally accepts observers as part of an Arab plan, as a rights group reported militiamen loyal to the regime killed 34 civilians and dumped their bodies in a city square. Agence France-Presse, France Click here for the full story

Arab League temporarily suspends Syria’s participation in ministerial meetings

Syria’s membership in the Arab League is not frozen but its participation in ministerial meetings is suspended pending an end to violence against demonstrators. Al Ahram, Egypt Click here for the full story


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Interview: Dr. Einat Wilf, Israeli MP, Chair of the ‘Independence’ faction

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