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Interview: Dr. Einat Wilf, Israeli MP, Chair of the ‘Independence’ faction

As Israel celebrates its 64th independence day, Knesset member Dr. Einat Wilf discusses Israel’s relations with its neighbors and the regional issues. France 24, France Advertisements

Interview: Ilan Baruch, former Israeli ambassador

Ilan Baruch, former Israeli ambassador, resigned a year ago, saying he could no longer defend his government’s policies Russia Today, Russia  

Interview: Yoel Edelstein, Israeli Minister of Information

Yuli Yoel Edelstein, Israel’s minister of information, questions the accuracy of EU reports about Israeli actions in the West Bank and Gaza. EU Observer, European Union

Interview: David Harris, Executive Director of the American Jewish Committee

David Harris, Executive Director of the American Jewish Committee, discusses the Syrian conflict, the Iranian nuclear programme and the possibility of a “pre-emptive” Israeli attack on Iran, as well as the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. France 24, France

Interview: Iranian Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar

As Iran braces itself to face the effect of fresh Western-imposed sanctions, Iranian Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar discusses how the current standstill is influencing affairs inside the country. Russia Today, Russia

Interview: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

President Mahmoud Abbas says the response of Israel to the Palestinian proposal on borders and security is “worthless”. Abbas also says the purpose of his European tour is to look at different routes in case the current talks between negotiators fail. Abbas said “We want to live side-by-side with Israel, but we want to isolate Israeli … Continue reading

Interview: Ahmet Davutoglu, Turkish Foreign Minister

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu discusses France’s decision to criminalize any public denial of the 1915 Armenian genocide, as well as the current violence in Syria and the EU’s embargo on Iranian oil. France24, France

Interview: Steven Kull, Director of the Program on International Policy Attitudes

As tensions grow over Iran’s nuclear ambitions with US sanctions against Tehran’s central bank and recent missiles tests by Iran, Steven Kull explains why he hopes that the Middle East could still become a nuclear weapons-free zone. France24, France

Interview: Mark Perry speaks about allegations of Israeli spies posing as CIA agents

Agents with Israel’s spy agency have posed as CIA agents in operations to recruit members of the Pakistani group Jundallah, according to a report in Foreign Policy magazine. Using US dollars and passports, the agents passed themselves off as members of the US’ Central Intelligence Agency in the operations, according to memos from 2007 and 2008, … Continue reading

Interview: Gershom Gorenberg, Israeli historian and journalist

Gershom Gorenberg has just published a book entitled “The Unmaking of Israel”. An Orthodox Jew who’s also left-wing, he talks about how Israel is at a crossroads as the divide between the secular and religious continues to deepen. France 24, France

Interview: Dennis Ross, Former chief White House advisor on Middle East policy

Dennis Ross, former Middle-East adviser to US President Barack Obama, discusses the current tensions between Iran and the international community. Ross says that, if Iran does not end attempting to acquire  nuclear weapons, it will pay the price. Ross also discusses the Middle-East peace process and responds to accusations of partial mediation in favors of … Continue reading

Interview: Yehuda Bauer: Equal rights for non-Jews

The scholar discusses Jewish identity, Jewish extremism and how to navigate between conservative Jews and Palestinians. Al Jazeera, Qatar

Interview: Fareed Zakaria on Iraq and Iran

Fareed Zakaria discusses U.S. relations with Iraq and Iran as the U.S. leaves Iraq. CNN, United States

Interview: Hans Blix, former Chief of International Atomic Energy Agency

Nothing can stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons, but the country does not have them yet, and has probably stopped trying to make them. That’s according to Hans Blix, former Chief of International Atomic Energy Agency, who headed the organization from 1981 to 1997. Blix also argued, threats by hawks in Israel and the US … Continue reading

Interview: Mustafa Barghouti, member of the Palestinian Legislative Council

Russia Today, Russia

Interview: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas: ‘Hamas agreed to non-violence, pre-67 borders’

Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal agreed in the context of reconciliation with Fatah that resistance to Israel must be non-violent and a Palestinian state should be based on the1967 borders, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said. Euronews, European Union

Interview: Turki Al-Faisal, former Director General of Saudi Arabia’s Intelligence Agency

With fears growing over Iran’s nuclear intentions, Turki Al-Faisal says that Saudi Arabia may need nuclear weapons to protect itself from Iranian and Israeli threats. France 24, France

Interview: Amr Moussa, Egyptian presidential candidate

Egyptian Islamists from the Muslim Brotherhood and the even more radical Salafist party have won the country’s first election since Hosni Mubarak was ousted. Amr Moussa analyses the election results and talks about Egypt’s future. France24, France

Interview: Abdullah Gül, Turkish President

Since the beginning of the crackdown in Syria, many defectors from Syria’s army have taken refuge in Turkey. Abdullah Gül, the Turkish President, supports the Syrian people’s demands for freedom. He says that he thinks Assad should move to a multiparty system, release all political prisoners and hold elections with international observers. Gül also mentioned a … Continue reading

Interview: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

ABC News, United States


Debate: Is there a rift between the Prime Minster and the security establishment, and how might it affect his chances of re-election?

Interview: Dr. Einat Wilf, Israeli MP, Chair of the ‘Independence’ faction

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