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Hamas official: Reconciliation talks beset by mistrust

With Fatah and Hamas trying to move forward on the unity agreement signed in Cairo last year, a Hamas official has said that the reconciliation talks are being undermined by massive distrust and lack of confidence in the negotiations. The inability of the two parties to form a unity government has made implementing many parts … Continue reading

Human rights advocate stabbed in Gaza

Mahmoud Abu Rahma, international relations director at Gaza-based Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, was stabbed by a masked man in Gaza City friday night, while walking home from his brothers house. He had received death threats and was unsuccessfully attacked in his apartment building early this month after writing an article calling for ownership … Continue reading

False Flag: ‘Israeli Mossad agents posed as CIA spies to recruit terrorists to fight against Iran’

According to CIA documents, Israeli Mossad agents impersonated American spies to recruit members of Jundallah, a Pakistan-based Sunni extremist organization, to wage a covert war against Iran. The memos date the “false flag” missions – covert operations in which one country’s agents impersonate another country’s agents – to the end of George W. Bush’s presidency … Continue reading

Israelis warned of imminent terror attack in Bangkok

Both US and Israeli embassies have issued travel warnings for their citizens in and around the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. This comes after the warning of a possible terror attack in the area and the apprehension of a Lebanese national thought to be a member of Lebanese militant group Hezbollah. The Thai police are further … Continue reading

Israel, PLO to meet Saturday

Representative from the PLO and Israel will meet for the third time in Amman this saturday as exploratory discussions continue. The Quartet, which brought the two sides to Amman, is hoping these discussions will lead to a new round of peace negotiations. Palestinian Authority President Abbas has downplayed the outcome of these talks and has … Continue reading

Hamas popularity up but Fatah still ahead: poll

Hamas popularity up but Fatah still ahead: poll

‘Hamas members to reside in Jordan’

After being “unconstitutionally” expelled from Jordan, the Jordanian government is researching the best way to allow those Hamas members and the families back into the Kingdom. According to Prime Minister Awn Khasawneh, the returning members will not be allowed to establish Hamas headquarters or engage in acts considered to political. The Jordan Times, Jordan Click here … Continue reading

Jordan allows Islamic Jihad to join PLO meet in Amman

Changing their position from December, Jordan will allow an Islamic Jihad delegation to join the PLO committee meeting on Sunday. Salim Zanoun, head of the Palestinian National Council, said that all factions which signed the unity agreement in May will be in attendance, Abu Imad ar-Refaai, Islamic Jihad’s representative from Lebanon. Ma’an News Agency, Palestine Click here … Continue reading

Israeli forces dismantle settler outpost in Hebron

The Israeli army demolished an illegal outpost, Mitzpe Avichai, outside Hebron on Wednesday. The IDF also issued a restraining order against the outposts leader, Yaron Kaleb, restricting him from entering the West Bank. This is the third demolishment of an illegal outpost in the West Bank this week. On Monday, the IDF dismantled Givat Gal Yoseph; a wave … Continue reading

Drivers protest Israeli-only roads in West Bank

Around 60 West Bank residents tried to drive from Jericho to Ramallah on roads limited to use by Israeli settlers. The 50 car motorcade, protesting Israeli restrictions on the movement of Palestinians in the West Bank, was stopped at a Jericho checkpoint by IDF soldiers. 5 people were arrested, with reports differing on whether or … Continue reading

Reconciliation committee to start work ‘immediately’

In light of the recent disagreements and tensions between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, the committee in charge of implementing the reconciliation agreement between the two factions has finalized all administrative issues and protocols and will begin work at once. The committee is tasked with a number of issues dealing with unification and reconciliation, including the … Continue reading

Opinion: Is there a peace partner?

Rabbi Dr. Donniel Hartman, president of the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem, says Israeli needs to stop examining the Palestinians’ readiness to come to the negotiating table and take a long hard look at their own readiness. Hartman mentions three areas in which Israelis need to change their rhetoric and actions in order to see … Continue reading

Israel Police open probe into alleged racism against Ethiopian immigrants

Around 2,000 people gathered in Kiryat Malakhi on Tuesday to protest racism occurring in the area by the local homeowners’ committees. The committees have allegedly been discriminating against the Ethiopian immigrant community by refusing to rent them apartments; a police investigation has been opened. In response to the protests, Immigration Absorption Minister Sofa Landver responded that Ethiopian immigrants … Continue reading

Netanyahu mulls gestures toward Palestinians to keep peace talks going

Netanyahu mulls gestures toward Palestinians to keep peace talks going

Israel ‘breaks settlement building records in 2011’

Israel ‘breaks settlement building records in 2011’

IDF preparing to take in Syrian refugees

IDF preparing to take in Syrian refugees

Fatah: Hamas should overcome its leadership problem

Fatah: Hamas should overcome its leadership problem

“The future is ours,” says Hamas Gaza leader

In an interview with Reuters on monday, senior Hamas official Mahmoud Al-Zahar, said that if Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas continues on a road of peace talks with Israel, putting the unity agreement with Hamas on the back burner, Fatah will feel the consequences of turning its back on its brothers. Al-Zahar said that Hamas has no intention … Continue reading

Noam Shalit announces he will run for Israel’s Labor Party list

Father of Gilad Shalit, ex-IDF soldier who spent five year in captivity in Gaza, Noam Shalit has announced he will run for a place on the Labor Party’s (Avodah) list for the next Knesset session. Noam Shalit, has been a member of the Labor party since 1996. Shalit announced that after years of being in … Continue reading

Israeli cabinet backs bill banning use of Nazi, Holocaust terms

Knesset Member Uri Ariel (National Union) proposed a new billon Monday that would ban the use of the word Nazi and of Holocaust terms and symbols, except in the context of education, documentation or historical reporting. If passes, a person could  be incarcerated for up to 6 months and receive a fine of up to NIS 100,000 ($26,000) … Continue reading


Debate: Is there a rift between the Prime Minster and the security establishment, and how might it affect his chances of re-election?

Interview: Dr. Einat Wilf, Israeli MP, Chair of the ‘Independence’ faction

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