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What is The Middle-East Observer?

The Middle-East Observer provides up-to-date news and analysis on all things Near East. With an emphasis on Israeli-Palestinian relations and the Arab-Israeli conflict, we scan wide-ranging news sources, including Israeli, Palestinian, Pan-Arab, American, European, and others for relevant articles from multiple perspectives.

Far beyond your run-of-the-mill news service, The Middle-East Observer provides debates, documentaries, interviews, and an in-depth section for those who want more than the day’s headlines.

Founded on the basis of unbiased reporting, count on The Middle-East Observer for your daily dose of the region’s players and relations.

Working with us:

The Middle-East Observer is currently looking for interns. Two types of internships are available, both unpaid and not limited in time:

  • News coverage: for this internship, you will have to cover a certain number of media outlets and select the articles that should be posted on The Middle-East Observer. It is particularly adapted to those willing to deepen their understanding in Middle-Eastern affairs, such as students, but all candidacies are welcome.
  • Online marketing: for this internship, you will have to promote The Middle-East Observer on the internet and social networks, the goal being to increase the website’s traffic.

If you are interested, please email your CV to


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