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Can Israel survive?

The author of the article, MJ Rosenberg, argues that so called “pro-Israel” policy makers in mainly the US are not lobbying in favor of a well-working state of Israel, but just in favor of Israeli policies that are mainly targeted at repressing Palestinians. His main argument is that Israel can only survive if the two-state solution is being implemented. He argues that a one-state solution (wherein Palestinians and Israelis would live together in the same country) would soon lead to the disapearance of Israeli Jews, simply because they will be out ruled in number by Arabs.

The author showcases this point by highlighting the difference between the Israeli city of Tel Aviv and the conflict-ridden, mixed city of Israelis and Arabs. Tel Aviv, he argues, where people enjoy their lives far away from conflict, is what Zionism is all about. Fanatically trying to control Jerusalem, where Arabs where living for centuries before the Jews came back, is only working contradictory. If Jews ever want to live peaceful in their own land, they should opt for a newly created all-Jewish city, not for a bi-national city like Jerusalem.

Al Jazeera, Qatar

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