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Israel accuses Iran, Hezbollah after bombers attack embassies in India, Georgia

According to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Hezbollah attempted to target Israeli embassies in India and Georgia today. The bomb in Tbilisi, Georgia was defused before it was able to cause harm but in New Delhi, Israel’s defense attaché’s wife was wounded following the placement of explosives under the car by motorcyclists. Though the attack was poorly executed, it nevertheless is sign that Hezbollah is waging an international war on Israel. Despite failures to execute attacks recently in Thailand and Azerbaijan, where local authorities foiled the terror plots, Hezbollah’s ability to secure weapons abroad suggests its worldwide influence is growing.

Reuters, United States

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One thought on “Israel accuses Iran, Hezbollah after bombers attack embassies in India, Georgia

  1. Some of Iran/Hezbollah Islamic crimes wordwide:

    – Lebanon (1983 Marine-barracks, mass kidnappings / torture 1982-1992)

    – Israel (massacres via Hezbollah / Islamic Jihad, 1982-2012)

    – Greece/Italy (TWA hijacking 1985)

    – Argentina (1992, 1994)

    – Panama (1994)

    – S. Arabia (1996, Khobar Towers)

    – Somalia. [cooperating w/ al-Shabaab].

    – Afghanistan [IEDs, training terrorists]

    – Iraq [IEDs, training terrorists]

    – France (Paris shopping centers, 1985/6)

    – USA (hijacking Embassy in Tehran, aiding 9/11 hijackers)

    – Syria (2011-2012, aiding apartheid-Baath regime, in massacring Syrian civilians).

    – India, Georgia (embassies attacks, 2012)

    To be a simpleton for a minute:
    No equivalence to eliminating a “scientist” working on genocidal weapons by those who declared annihialtion of 6,000 Israeli Jews since Dec. 14, 2001 by Rafsanjani that: ‘One bomb is enough to destroy all of Israel.’

    Posted by Lola | February 14, 2012, 3:26 am

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