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Analysis: Media frenzy on Iran contradicts reality

Yaakov Katz, author of this article, discusses the role western and Israeli media play in the confrontation between Israel, the West and Iran. Using for example comments by US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta that were aired weeks ago, US media are printing reports and articles on Iran at a fast pace, though the situation has not been subject to major changes in the past weeks. Israel’s strategy agianst a nuclear Iran has not changed since October says the author. The strategy was made available to the public by a diplomatic cable between Mossad’s former Chief Meir Dagan and the US released by Wikileaks. It still consists of focusing on sanctions, diplomacy, covert action and the threat to use military force. Althought the use of military force is being questioned by both Israeli and US politicians and military officers, in particular because of the probable consequences of such an attack, and the fact that it would more than likely only delay Iran nuclear program a couple of years, the option is still very much alive.

Jerusalem Post, Israel

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