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Egypt’s transition to democracy grows more messy

Mohamed el Baradei

Mohammed ElBaradei’s decision to pullout of the presidential race in Egypt came to some as a surprise while others believe it is a calculated move to discredit the political process for it’s disordely and fast pace. The Nobel Peace prize laureate made harsh criticism aimed at SCAF’s generals during Saturday’s announcement. In his withdrawal statement, ElBaradei wrote: “Under his leadership, the ship is being rocked by waves. … We offer him all kinds of help, but he declines, insisting on taking the old route as if no revolution had taken place and no regime had fallen,” Iconic Egyptian activist Shady al-Ghazaly Harb said: “He will be back doing grass roots work and that may help unite the youth to effect change.”, which was confirmed by ElBaradei: “My decision does not mean I am leaving the arena, but continuing to serve this nation more effectively from outside authority and free of all shackles.”

Al Arabiya, Saudi Arabia

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