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Egypt denies presence of Hamas missile bases in Sinai

An Egyptian official in Sinai has repudiated an Israeli report that Palestinian militant group Hamas has set up a rocket production line in the peninsula. “No one can ever bring in military tools or erect missile bases in Sinai. Egypt would not allow such a breach to its sovereignty,” said the Egyptian source, who dismissed the Israeli report as false.

Al-masry Al-youm, Egypt

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One thought on “Egypt denies presence of Hamas missile bases in Sinai

  1. Katz; you missed some, so paemusrbly you agree with me that;10. The US is not going back to try to prevent free and fair elections in Vietnam (and a slave owning south will not rise again!).11. The Zionists are not going to make war to capture any land from Egypt.And here are some extras I failed to let you in on;12. The Zionists will return the Golan height’s to Syria without the demonstration of destruction and death that they are currently inflicting on the Palestinian people.13. The British are never going back to rule over India!14. South Africa will not see white minority rule again!15. The ME will undergo a bourgeois democratic revolution with Islamic parties defeating Jihadist Fascists.16. When eras have gone with the wind they are not coming back!Because we are living in the era when…‘Countries want independence Nations want liberation and the people want revolution.’ Coming ready or not in the 21stC!

    Posted by Saskia | November 19, 2012, 4:54 pm

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